Micro Star™ LED Lighting

Micro StarTM LED lighting can be utilized in a variety of ways, including including indoor, outdoor and underwater applications. It is ideal for practical lighting solutions required in the marine, architectural and horticultural environments.

The full moon brilliance illuminates dark areas. It can be ideal for mood lighting, artistic expression, or in emergency situations. Since Micro StarTM LED lights do not generate heat, they can be used in water or around plants. Also, most important, it is safe to the human touch.

Micro StarTM LED lights can be mounted flush, at an angle, or raised for use in sheetrock, railings, plastic, metal, rock and wood applications. There are numerous additional usages.

Micro StarTM LED lights can be switched on by a timer or photocell switch and illuminated for an indefinite length of time. Due to the high efficiency of LEDs (90% more efficient than incandescent lights) and their very low current draw, their power requirements and usages are nominal. An effective "night light" system of ten Micro StarTM LEDs would have a total power draw of about 3 watts. Having this system on for 8 hours draws less power than a 1500 watt hair dryer turned on for one minute.

The Micro StarTM LED light has been utilized in a variety of applications. These include rock gardens, landscape and underwater lighting in pools. Other uses have been in theatrical stage and hobby/craft settings. These lights can be used for night lights in both interior and exterior settings. They have been used in various lighting applications on boats: such as in cabins, galleys, and for reading lights.

The Micro StarTM LED light is limited only by your imagination. Click here to view our list of possible uses.

Any one of the lights in the Micro Star lighting series is ideal for applications where no other light can go.


Light-Emitting Diodes, commonly known as LEDs, are solid state semiconductor devices that convert electrical energy directly into light. Highly efficient, they produce almost no heat during this process. Containing no heated filaments, there are also no loose or moving parts, which make LEDs reliable and user-friendly. The color of the LED is determined by the chemical composition of the semiconductor.