Micro Star™ LED Lighting Uses

Interior Lighting

A low level of illumination, the equivalent of bringing a full moon indoors, is evolving within the interiors of residential and commercial buildings. In many cases, Micro StarTM or TriStar LED lights will provide enough illumination for safe ingress and egress without the need to turn on a conventional light.

Landscape Lighting

Micro StarTM LED lights provide sufficient levels of light for accenting and highlighting features without hot spots and dark shadows, allowing you to "see the night". Night vision remains intact. With a photo cell or timer switch, a Micro StarTM system can be left on all night, both enhancing the view and discouraging intruders.

Emergency Lighting

Micro StarTM LED lights provide inexpensive low level lighting under emergency conditions.

A small 12-volt gel or lead acid battery can be included in the power supply circuit and in the event of an AC power outage, the battery can run the LEDs for an extended period of time. Caution: In commercial and industrial applications where there are codes and laws governing emergency lighting, care must be given by the installer to comply with such codes and laws.

Marine Lighting

Due to the Micro StarTM lights small size and rugged waterproof construction, they can be mounted virtually anywhere, into existing fixtures and assemblies. Micro StarTM LEDs will fit in 1" OD and larger railing, pulpits and where no other light can go.

Accent Lighting

Micro StarTM LED lights can be used to highlight sculptures, fountains, art and architectural features and theatrical sets and costumes. The LEDs can be embedded in furniture and cabinetry as well as masonry and tile. Its uses are truly limited only by one's imagination.

Other uses for Micro StarTM LED Lighting 

Micro StarTM LED lighting has a myriad of applications including: RVs, transportation vehicles, airplanes, art, camping, and mobile sites, etc. Essentially, the Micro StarTM LED light can be used in any application where one would like to shed some light on the subject or where lighting was not feasible before.